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Ballet Dancer Girl Pendants Necklaces, comes in 10 different colors.
The Ballet Fairy Pendant Necklace is a two piece necklace that has a circular pendant and a human...
Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose in Terrarium Pendant Necklace, Choose between Antique Bronze or Gold.   
  Black Panther King T'Challa Necklace    
Carousel Unicorn Pendant Necklace, Choose from 3 colors - Pink, Blue or Yellow. Choose a pink, blue, or...
Crystal Fairy Pendant Double Necklace One of the necklaces has a circular pendant and the other was a...
Gold Plated Crystal Fairy Long Chain Necklace A fairy sitting on a crystal ball, wear this at fancy...
Cute Unicorn necklace
The Rainbow Enamel Unicorn Pendant Necklace is a white unicorn with rainbow hair. it has an elongated chain.  ...
Choose one for yourself, Enamel Fairy Choker Necklace a ballerina necklace, one with a blue rhinestone as a tutu...
Fairy Dance Necklace, Choose from 5 different colors pick which ever one you like of these colorful ballerinas with...
Fairy Drop Earrings, Acrylic Dangle Earrings  Different earrings with different colors that you can choose of a fairy....
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